Saturday, February 10, 2007

There is a Valentines Party at Mehul's Daycare. I only came to know about it yesterday when his teacher 'reminded' me about signing up for an item for the party. Umm..I didn't even know about it. Apparantly, DH forgot to tell me about this and the fact that we're supposed to give all the kids Valentines Cards. I signed up for bringing fruit platter (easiest, LOL!) Their entire menu is high on sugar - Cupcakes, fruits, fruit juice, cookies and chips (ok, salty, but not any better!) Ms. Jessy said it's good that they have a gym class after the party where they can burn all the energy. Yeah, good luck controlling a bunch of sugar-high toddlers LOL!

So, cards are done. Ofcourse I scrapped them. I made a version last night but it seemed too girly (but it was cute!) with pinks and reds. This version is more attractive and little boyish I think.

My sister reminded me that I never posted about the speech issues the teacher had brought up at the last Parent Teacher Meeting. I know I had said that it'll be posted later but I don't really think there is anything much to post about it. The teacher basically expressed concern about him not talking much in the class and not having a 'conversation' with the teachers. For example, instead of saying, "Ms. SoandSo, I need more applesauce", or whatever, he'd just say "More". She said he doesn't respond to questions. Our experience has been different. He responds to us most of the time and sometimes he doesn't (isn't that normal for a 2 year old?) I think the main reason he doesn't respond to either of his teachers is that their accent is kindof hard to understand. They are Hispanic and *we* have a hard time understanding Ms. S in particular. Other kids have probably adapted since most of them have been in the class longer than 6 months. We're not overly worried (read- we're not worried) She did say that the daycare has a Speech Therapist on staff who can work with kids as needed. That I think is wonderful to have. She has since told us that M is showing a lot of improvement, talks a lot, responds, etc. I just think he's getting to understand her more now.

Anyhow, I *know* it is hard to understand what he's saying a lot of times. Specially if it's a new word. We were sitting at Chipotle's last night and he came up behind me (no more high chairs) and held my face in his hands and said "da ya ddestane" That's what I heard the first time. After like 30 seconds I decoded it LOL. Do You Understand? Yep. That's what he said. No wonder teachers are having a hard time.

Scrapping is going on as usual. I have resigned from one CT. Their requirements increased suddenly when they added more members. Instead of just doing a layout with their new kits and posting in pre-specified # of galleries, they put additional demands on all of us. I just don't have that kind of time. I'm very happy with the original 2 designers. But I do have a guest CT spot for March with an *Awesome* designer. I can't wait for Feb to be over!

I have a lot more to say but gotta go. Have a great weekend!

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Karin said...

I love the valentines day card - it's gorgeous!