Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Both my guys are sick :( M brought the germs home and DH gladly accepted them. M started coughing last Thursday and it sounded like it was coming from deep inside him, not the regular cough. He also had slight fever two nights in a row. He and DH stayed home Friday and we took him to the Pediatrician that evening. He was already wheezing a little. DH was just starting to get the same on Friday, and it's full blown now. Yesterday was the worst day for him.

M didn't sleep well last night and neither did we. I'm so tired. The guys become so needy when they're sick. I'm over it. Please get well soon, the two of you. I feel my throat is starting to itch too. Please No!!

When is DH going to develop his immunity? I rarely get sick but he is completely the opposite. Even Mehul is getting better about selecting the germs now. Some are just not worthy of bringing home to the parents. LOL!


Sene said...

I can understand your position. Deep was the same. Last year onwards he has been taking Seven Seas cod Liver capsules. And believe it or not, 2006 was a very good year for him. He didn't get any cold, fever at all. Otherwise, any climate change both he and N get sick. I have started giving N those capsules also.
Hope both Girish and Mehul get well soon!!!

Erin said...

Oh, that's no fun! Hope they're both on the mend soon.