Thursday, February 22, 2007


Jenni: What crafts did you do (besides make ball point pens ;)) before coming to the US and how did that change after your move here?

My sister (A) and I were very into crafts. We didn't have any particular hobby per se, but we were always doing something. Making Rangoli and Henna patterns comes to mind. Every year, we'd make this colorful Rangoli on Diwali. It is made on the floor with colored powders, flowers, rice, etc. and then accented with Earthen Lamps. The design is first chalked on the floor and then filled with these. Loved that. I still try to do it here and she tries to do it in her home now. We made a lot of wall hangings using various materials. Using ribbons, beads and thick rubber rings, using cardboard cut and shaped into something and decorated with velvet papers, mirrors, beads and golden threads, many different ways. I don't have a single picture of the wall hangings :( I do have Rangoli pics back home though.

Cross-stitching only started after coming to the US. A had bought me a long stitch kit when I was visiting India, and I finished it in like 2 days after coming back here and went to Michaels to look for more things like that. That's how I discovered needlepoint and cross-stitching. :) Back in 2002!

I think the major difference in doing crafts has been that here I do it as a hobby, as something that relaxes me. There it was more about decorating our home with beautiful, handmade things. And the projects were quick! We gave away more wall hangings than we kept.

Karin: What got you started scrapbooking? What is your favorite project thus far?

Always wanted to do it. I just loved browsing the scrapbooking aisles at Michaels et al. It looked very detail oriented, very interesting hobby. Not to mention, I had all these photos of M that needed scrapping. When I heard about digital scrapbooking, my initial reaction was that it would not be as enjoyable as traditional. But once I tried it, I found it fit like a glove. I was comfortable with Photoshop already and this was just what I needed. No mess, no fuss. I don't have to obsess about my writing being messy, or ink running, or glue and glitter getting into my hair! Ctrl + Z is my best friend ;)

My favorite project! That's tough. I have a few Layouts I *Adore*.
Besides the design, I love it because I took this picture on his second day, he was sleeping in my lap. Just brings back memories.
This was my first Creative Team layout. This photo is my favorite EVER! Any LO with this is a hit.
I just love this LO. This was the first layout done by me that I loved. Mind you, this was after doing about 30 or so!

Thanks for the questions. I really enjoyed going down the memory lane on the first one, and talking about my new passion in the next.

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