Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Reached home safely

The roads were starting to get slippery. We got out in time! As far as tomorrow, they'll put an alert out if they're closed. My office will also put out an alert. We're getting pounded by snow and freezing rain. It's so cold rightnow. The Federal offices were shut down this afternoon!

I got my purse today! And along with that I got a hand signed card by Michelle Coleman!! OMG I was so psyched! More about the card than about the purse, which is very nice! She had scrapped the card (ofcourse! Is there any other way?) The card is *so* pretty. DH says she didn't scrap it, it was pre-bought. Ha! He thinks this because it's printed on a differnt type of paper (cardstock?) I get my LOs printed on matte photo paper so that's what he's used to seeing.

I've been bad about exercise this week. After my run on saturday, my legs started aching and it was so bad that night. Happened again sunday night even though I didn't run or even walk. Don't know what's going on so I'm taking it slow. I don't want to cause an injury or something. I have increased my time to 1 hour. Can only go 4 miles. Blech.

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