Monday, August 28, 2006


Made a couple of changes to the blog. Changed the header image as I got bored of it, and I didn't love the alpha as much anymore. I have wanted to change it for some time, and Whizgidget's entry last week reminded me of it. I had initially thought of keeping this blog limited to DigiScrapping, but I do like talking about life in general, and will also include stitching as it becomes a integral part of my routine again. I had trouble coming up with an interesting title that fit what I was trying to say. I think I like this one.

Also changed the template a bit to make use of the full screen. So it gives me more space to display pictures. The screen layout still is a little bit off but better than before.

I have also added links to two good tutorial sites, specifically geared towards Digital Scrapbooking.

Now for the fun. Here is a LO I did on Thursday.

In Your Eyes

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SmileyCarrie said...

sweet layout...You son is sooo cute!!

Your header looks good too!