Thursday, August 24, 2006

Free Alpha...Go Get It

Hmm...I posted about not being able to find a link to the Hand Stamped Alpha by Michelle Coleman. Turns out, I wasn't imagining things. The alpha is no longer up for sale. I had already bought it in the SA Anniversary Sale. Michelle is now offering it free at her Blog. There was some controversy over at a forum about it and she decided to no longer sell it. It's sad that digiscrapping community is not free of negativity either. I think the anonymity (real word?) that comes because of being in cyberspace brings out the worst in people. Sigh.

No layouts today. I slept at 2AM last night and came to work this morning. I'm tired and want to go home. I'm doing some freelance work on the side and got stuck at something. Hopefully, tonight will go smoother.

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Erin said...

Awesome! Thanks for the tip.