Monday, August 07, 2006

New Layouts

Ok, so they're technically a couple of days old, but I haven't posted about them! I'm so very proud of both of these. *I* like these layouts as in I'd add them to my favorites and visit them often for inspiration if they were done by someone else. Doesn't happen very often with my own layouts.

Cute and Cuddly

Blue Background Paper, Jewel Pin, Brad, Flower and Ribbon : Michelle Coleman's Chelsey's Dream kit.
Envelope: IOD Essential Elements recolored and doubled
NotePaper: Nancie's Le Belle elements.
Paper Clip: Maya's promise to write kit
Tags: Michelle's Summer whimsy kit
Buttons and stitching: Michelle's Lighter shades of pale kit
Torn Paper: Michelle's Color Harmony paper set with Atomic Cupcake Wild Tear action applied
Font: Bradley Hand ITC


Journaling paper: Maya Promise to write kit
Stamped Alpha: Michelle Coleman
Everything else from Michelle Coleman's Chelsey Dreams Kit.

1 comment:

Erin said...

I absolutely love your use of elements in both of these! The first one especially; I'm always afraid of overdoing it and messing things up, but you really have a handle on it. I really need to get the hang of using more of them in my layouts.