Thursday, August 17, 2006

Spider in my car!

This morning, we all overslept. Woke up 1 hour late that usual and did everything in a hurry and out the door. DH went to work a few minutes before me. I have to take DS to the daycare and he picks him up in the evening.
I strap him in his seat, sit on my seat and adjust the rear-view mirror. To my horror, there was a spider in sight. Near the back windsheid, sitting on the break light! I initially thought that it was outside, but went to check. Yep, it was inside and had made a huge web too! Ofcourse, I am extremely afraid of spiders. They are my biggest fobia right up there with cockroaches. And it was a giant one too. Atleast 1 cm torso and 2.5" total length!
I had limited supply of 'tools' to get him out of there. There was one of DS's artwork sheets from the daycare, so I poked it with that. It landed on it and went right back to the light. I poked twice again, with my shaking hands, but it went right back. I screamed everytime it moved. There was thankfully noone in the parking lot.
I thought of calling DH at this point. But didn't because of 2 reasons - DH would be mad at me for calling him for this and wouldn't come back, he was already late! Two, what would DS think? He was looking at me screaming and afraid of the spider.
DS was still in his seat. I had to take him out before doing anything drastic. So, I removed him from the seat and poked the spider with a roll of wrapping paper that was on the back seat. It wouldn't even move! So I started hitting it. It flew and landed on ... Winne the Pooh. Sigh. I had to throw Pooh out of the car. Went to check if the spider was still on it. Yes, it was and it went inside it's shirt while I was looking. I picked Pooh by the ear and threw it on the side.
DS will get another Pooh. Thank God, it wasn't his favorite Bear! I was shaking on the drive to office this morning. Off to get some water and settle my nerves. But, I'm proud of handling the nasty on my own!


Anonymous said...

- DH

SmileyCarrie said...

awwwww poor you!! I understand, that's terrible. I feel that way about mice... I couldn't imagine having to take on a mouse by myself.... *ewww*