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Sewing Plans for 2018

January has almost flown by and I haven't had a chance to sit down and do a review of previous year nor plans for 2018. This has partially been due to a number of pattern tests I involved myself in the beginning of January and partially due to getting overwhelmed at the prospect of doing a big collage or writeup of everything I did in 2017. I'm not going to do a big collage or writeup :-) A lot of what I made is already on this blog or on the FB sewing album. I do know I sewed through 225 yards of fabric and finished 161 of 170 sewing projects started in 2017. Here is just a small sample of what I made in 2017.

Goals for 2018 are going to be similar. I want to sew at least 150 yards of fabric and make at least 100 projects. I have also picked up my cross stitching WIPs again and have the urge to x-stitch something this year so I likely will. That might cut into sewing time but that's ok! It's about doing what I like and if I happen to cross stitch more this year, that is great!! Someday I will finish my Peacock Tapestry WIP! Pictures of my current in progress projects to come at a later time.

Today I want to talk about the various contests and SALs I'm participating in. In no particular order, they are -

  • 100 projects in 2018 - This is in a SAL group and you're encouraged to sew at least 8 projects or more a month, totaling 100 or more. I succeeded in doing this SAL last year and hope to do it again this year. Here's January 2018. 
  • 2018 RTW Fast - No buying RTW clothing in 2018. Pretty self explanatory. The only thing that might interfere with this plan is if I need to go to India. I WILL buy custom tailored clothes there, no question! 
  • Year of the pants - A lot of sewists are considering 2018 as the year they get over the fear of making well fitting pants. I'm hopping on! I have already made 2 pairs of pants and 1 pair of shorts in January!! I want to make some cargo pants, cargo shorts, denim shorts, more jeans (I made 1 pair of jeans last year and 1 the year before), woven joggers, pleated trousers, and linen pants! I may even make some harem pants! Yes, it will be year of the pants for me!
  • Year of the bras - Confession time - I have never made lacy lingerie! I am intimidated by the stretch lacy galore of fabrics and notions, and have just not tried it yet. The plan is to make me some lacy (and other) bralettes, real bras, and lacy panties. I have been making my own panties for couple years now but they've been jersey or brushed lace. I have also made swimsuits but they're easy :) Time to make some delicate underthings :-) I have purchased the craftsy bra class by Beverly Johnson and also bought the Made for Mermaid bralette lingerie set. I have lace already. Ready set go. 
  • 2018MakeNine - There are always items on my list which I keep lusting after and yet somehow have not done them yet. Mustard skirt has been on my list forever and so has a black wrap dress, a seersucker dress! I am trying out the Make Nine format to make me stick to these as they year goes on. This is my inspiration Make Nine collage. Item #1 - sherpa vest is already complete! Post on that later. 
  • PatternReview 1-2-3 Capsule wardrobe challenge - This contest is over at A full post on this is coming up within a day or so. I'm participating in this contest to make me a kick-ass vacation capsule for vacationing in Punta Cana in June!! Stay tuned for that post! 
Written down, this sounds like a lot but like with everything else, it is one thing at a time :) I never make resolutions, only suggestions. This list is my suggestions to myself..if it not is meant to be, that is fine! The whole point is to try and make time for hobbies and if 2017 is any indication, I will sew something LOL!  


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