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Make Nine 2018 conclusion

Make Nine 2018 Conclusion 2018 is coming to a close so I thought I would finish off my #makenine2018 with another make. I tested the Winter Wear Designs Satara Shirtdress and thought it would be the perfect shirtdress for me. What I like about this one in particular is the collar. I dislike the traditional collar on shirts / shirtdresses and jumped when I saw the sample image of this dress. I have previously made McCall 6696 and had thought of using that pattern for my makenine2018 shirtdress this year but the collar is too serious for me. I don't like making them and I don't really like wearing them either.  I'm not sure what this collar is called (just learned it's called split collar) but I love it! Another feature I like is the circle skirt because it is so flattering. So, presenting my latest make - Winter Wear Designs Satara Shirtdress

I also love that this dress has princess seams and I was able to use the stripes in an interesting way. I  love stripe fabrics…

Mirri Faux Wrap dress

Mirri Faux Wrap dress by Wardrobe by me
I finished another item for my Make Nine 2018 challenge making it 5th item completed. This time it is a black faux wrap dress. It's one of those pieces that show up in a lot of capsule wardrobes because it's such a classy piece. I didn't have any handmade wrap dresses and this is why I had added it to my challenge for this year!

Originally I had the Wanda wrap dress pattern in mind which also happens to be by Wardrobe by me but it requires more fabric than what I had available in my stash and I'm trying to be really good about using up stash before buying new. With the size of my stash I should be able to sew for years and years and not need to run to the store but that's not how it works! In this case, Mirri came to the rescue and I was able to puzzle it out of my black rayon spandex yardage. 

I love that I did't have to adjust anything other than length in order to make this dress. I just took off 1" from the bodic…

Monster Tour

Sewing by Ti - Monster Tour

It's October and that means it is time to make your little ones (or big ones!) Halloween costumes! Growing up in India we did not celebrate Halloween so when I first moved to the US and was living in an apartment, I was amazed at all the dress up and trick or treating concept. I made sure to buy tons and tons of candy because we got so many kids coming to our doorstep. While I didn't get into making costumes for me, I love making them for my kids :) My oldest is turning 14 tomorrow(already?!) and is no longer interested in Halloween and that made me a little sad. He says trick or treating is for little kids and I respect his choice in the matter. My 8 year old, however, wanted to dress up as a cat - a cute and cuddly one. She got one!

She made an easy choice this year and was very involved in the designing of her costume. She is getting more and more interested in making her doll clothes and comes up with interesting shapes and experiments mainly wi…

Make Nine Progress - 4 down!

Make Nine Progress - 4 down!

I'm not doing so great with the #2018makenine. I started out with this challenge in January and thought I should have no trouble with making NINE items. I mean, I am on track to making at least 100 items this year (currently at 80!). How hard could these 9 items be? Turns out, the issue is having to stick to the vision you had at the beginning of the year and carrying it out in a seasonally appropriate manner. It's either the wrong season, or I don't have perfect fabric or pattern to be making something. Sigh.

Let's review for a second what I had originally envisioned to be making -

Item #1 - Suede and sherpa vest = DONE
I made the Designer Stitch Ilse vest and love it. I wore it earlier this year and look forward to it in the fall and winter!

2. Mustard Straight Skirt - I wanted this one in mustard wool which I already have. The issue I'm having with this item is not having the perfect pattern with lining and facings included. I want t…

Itch to Stitch blog tour 2018

It's time to sew Itch to Stitch
I am participating in the blog tour again this year. This is a time to sew Itch to Stitch patterns we've been meaning to make for long! I have had my eyes on Crystal Cove Cami since it released and the Angelia Shortswere on my #makenine2018! It was absolutely the easiest decision to participate in the blog tour and pick these 2 patterns. Itch to Stitch patterns are very well drafted, have precise yet detailed instructions. Kennis Wong is well respected in the industry for putting out top notch patterns. It is an absolute pleasure to sew ITS patterns!

One of the wonderful sponsors D&H fabrics sent me this beautiful Moonstone in blue (Atelier Brunette) fabric that I absolutely love! More info on the fabric below - 

Before I go on with the construction details, I want to mention that both the Crystal Cove Cami and Angelia Shorts are on a FLASH SALE for 24 hours only! TODAY ONLY (9/20), you can get Crystal Cove Cami for $8 and and Angelia Shorts

Piper Boho Tunic

Piper Boho Tunic

It feels good to be blogging regularly again. I have been sewing as usual but not blogging my makes for the last couple months. I had some issues with the image hosting server and it took some time to iron those out. I have a backlog of images to go through.

Today, I am posting my Piper Boho tunic - an update to an existing design by Wardrobe by me. She has expanded the sizing and added more options. I have always loved Christina's designs especially the tunics. I wear them year round with shorts, leggings, jeans, skirts! They are the perfect capsule piece in any wardrobe. 

This pattern comes with different body styles, sleeve styles and necklines! I love this sort of mix and match type pattern because I can make my own 'view' depending on the fabric. I made the rolled sleeve with tab, curved hem bodice with the tie neck. The curved hem bodice has gathered front shoulder which is such a cute detail! I made a sleeveless muslin in green rayon that came out s…

Gemma Twist Top by Designer Stitch

Gemma Twist Top by Designer Stitch

Another winning design by Designer Stitch patterns - the Gemma Twist top. This top has 2 views - Twist Front Plain Back, and Plain Front Twist Back view. I made the Twist back top and love love love it so much! It has made a simple stripe knit fabric come alive! See for yourself!

Business in front, party in the back

I chose the stripe fabric because I always like playing with my stripes. I make them into chevrons, I use them to fool the eye into making me appear thinner (don't know if that works! Ha!), and use them for interest in a plain garment. When the Gemma back was twisted, the stripes made an unexpected pattern that became my favorite feature of the top!

Some pattern notes from the site:

Gemma Twist Tops

(AU/UK)     6 – 26
(US)          2 – 22
(EU)          34 – 54 ADVANCED BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE SEWING LEVEL The Gemma Twist combination pattern offers 2 style options.
The Gemma Twist Back Top has a cute and funky back wais…