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Sewing by Ti - Monster Tour

It's October and that means it is time to make your little ones (or big ones!) Halloween costumes! Growing up in India we did not celebrate Halloween so when I first moved to the US and was living in an apartment, I was amazed at all the dress up and trick or treating concept. I made sure to buy tons and tons of candy because we got so many kids coming to our doorstep. While I didn't get into making costumes for me, I love making them for my kids :) My oldest is turning 14 tomorrow(already?!) and is no longer interested in Halloween and that made me a little sad. He says trick or treating is for little kids and I respect his choice in the matter. My 8 year old, however, wanted to dress up as a cat - a cute and cuddly one. She got one!

She made an easy choice this year and was very involved in the designing of her costume. She is getting more and more interested in making her doll clothes and comes up with interesting shapes and experiments mainly with wrapping styles. For this costume, we used the new Rad Patterns - Cosplay 2.0 pattern. I tested it and as always, Stephanie's drafting is spot on! It came with various options to add ears, tails, and appliques to make different animal options. We used gray and white fleece from my stash and got on our way. I hacked the snap placket instead of adding a zipper because I didn't have a zipper long enough.

I love the cutie little ears and the way the tail sways when she moves is the BEST!

Our costume last year was made using the original Rad Patterns Cosplay pattern and I still used fleece but it had way less ease than this one. I sized up the body to accommodate lack of stretch fleece has but this year she came up with the Cosplay 2.0 version which works great with fleece and other non-stretch fabrics such as faux furs. Here are our last years costumes. For my son, I used the free Grab and Go by Rad Patterns also but I hacked the sleeves and the hood. This sounds like a sponsored post for Rad but it isn't, I swear! I just love Rad Patterns and am on the testing team so I just get them done in time due to the deadlines.

Looking at this picture, it occurred to me he *could* wear it this year if the mood strikes and his friends come calling. It was a touch too long last year and would fit perfectly now! I will put the word in his ear without seeming pushy ;-) I honestly want him to be himself and do what makes him happy!

Look at that mane and unicorn tail!!! Someone in the Rad test group had come up with this variation and I just followed their instructions. Basically you make a pattern piece for a spiral and voila! Cutting all those spirals was some amount of work though but you do get payoff :)

This years costume is a little more subdued for sure and I got it done way in advance so YAY!! No staying up late the night before halloween! I love everything about the understated cat costume. I will have to see if she will let me draw some whiskers and a nose. 

I hope you've had some inspiration on this blog tour! Be sure to check out all the other stops in this tour.

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Super cute!
Diane said…
Very cute kitty! Love last year's costumes too!
Bigflynotions said…
I love all these costumes, what a cool pattern too! Those spirals are amazingly dramatic!

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