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Peacock Tapestry Update

As of 4/28/2008
Peacock is being stitched in Eterna Silk. I'm soon going to run out of one of the greens for the tail. I'm waiting to see how many others I'll run out of before placing the order. Meanwhile, here is a picture -

Some layouts

I'm only doing CT layouts for now. I quit my other 2 CTs and am only on Microferk Designs now. I don't remain on the computer long enough to really get into digi-scrapping these days. I still have to finish 2 of Mehul's scrapbooks this year - First and Third year. Now that there are great options on photobooks available, I should think of finishing at least these two. Shutterfly now has padded cover option which sounds great. I heard about VioVio which does books comparable to shuttefly in quality, only cheaper. The Digi-Scrapping industry is expanding..

Miki Ferkul's Kit - Beltane

Miki Ferkul's Kit - Spring Linens
Ribbon element - Brouhaha

Miki Ferkul's Kit - Brouhaha
Part 3 completed

Free design by Papillon Creations

I'm putting this down for a while and going to start stitching on Peacock Tapestry again. I anticipate getting back to this when part 5 has been released.
Back at work

After an almost weeklong vacation (minus monday), I'm now back at work. The weather could not have been more gorgeous last week. It was in 70s although one day it did hit 80s. I did a lot of yardwork. Laid down the sod by the steps we've recently had someone build, planted the shrubs, and tidied up the yard. I've planted roses, pink hydrangeas, Clemantis, Jasmine, Butterfly bush, and atleast 2 more shrubs I'm forgetting. I've put a lot of bulbs as well - Gladiolus, gayfeather, and Dahlias. We'll see if all the hard work was worth it in a few months. I need more hydrangeas for the front yard. And I am looking for a nice tree for the front as well.
It's been raining since yesterday. It's good for the sod and the grass seed.

Stitching - I've completed parts 1 and 2 of the Papillion Creations mystery - How does your garden grow. I forgot to give the design info. in the previous post. It's available if you sign up for their newsletter. I …
How does your garden grow - Part 1

I planted the roses yesterday. The original plan was to put them on the east side of the house but later I thought they might be better in the back, which gets sun the whole day, so that's where they've gone. I am still deciding on where to plant the climbing rose. For the east side, I have gotten some more flowering perennials - spinea, and another one with blue blooms. I also got some clematis. That will go in the back next to the roses. I can't wait for bloom time! I need to get the hydrangeas from the nursery. They'll go on the east as well. I put a few ferns in the front in big planters. I am a fern-lover. If I could, I would have a garden full of ferns. The front of our house gets very little sun (North) so that should be good for them.

The wind was blowing so they look a bit weird.

So apart from gardening, I've been stitching a lot the past 2 days. Not much else going on. I'll share the garden pictures once it looks reaso…
Angel of Love

It's finished at last.

Copyright - MLI
Fabric - Days Gone By Jazlyn by Silkweaver
Started - December 2003, Finished - April 2008

Charlie's Angels are back...

That's a nick-name we have for our little group at work - me and 2 other girls. One of the girls had visa issues last year and had to go back to school full-time to keep her visa status. Now she's back here as part time. Meanwhile the other girl went on maternity. She's back this week as well! The party is on!!

I'm off all next week! Not going anywhere just taking a little break at home. I need to plant some bushes and do some work around the house. I got someone to dig out a new bed on the side of the house for me yesterday. I just have to fill it with soil, plant the bushes and then mulch. Other that this, I'll be stitching..

Angel of Love is almost complete. I have around 3 hours worth of work left on it. Look for a HD hopefully by this weekend. I'm looking for a small project to start to celebrate this finish. This has been in progress for 4 years! I have too many big projects in progress and not enough smalls. I'm trying …