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Basically Jalie blog tour

Basically Jalie Blog Tour - Day 2

(This post has been sponsored by Jalie Patterns. There is  a sewalong, rafflecopter, and amazing prizes to win so keep reading! ) 

Majority of what I wear are work/business casual outfits and hence that is majority of what I sew. I am always looking for cute woven tops to add to my rotation. I love making tunic tops especially now that I've learned to fit them. I never liked any store bought ill fitting and stiff feeling tops especially button-downs but now that I can make them and make them to fit, it is a whole different story!

This blog-tour is for basics and I consider woven tops to be part of my daily basic wardrobe so that is what I made for this blog tour.

This is the Rose blouse (Jalie 3881) in a woven crepe fabric I got recently from Sincerely Rylee. The fabric is gorgeous and so easy to work with. 

I chose this top because of the bow. Let's be honest, we love blouses with bows! I have never been able to find a perfect blouse with a fluffy bow. I was happy to find the fit of this blouse is great for my body type. The hips swing away from the body as this is supposed to be a loose, swingy top from the bust down. Perfect for apple shaped or pear shaped bodies! NO adjustments needed to accommodate a tummy. If your waist is in a bigger size, you do NOT need to grade it up. 

I omitted the buttons on this top as I can pull it over my head and don't need them. I may choose to add them at a later time but most likely not. I've already worn this top to work :-) 

The adjustments I made to the top were minor - mainly the petite adjustment at the lengthen/shorten line. I took off about an inch from the garment. I love this length and shape! The only thing I wish I had done was raise the armhole a bit as it is a deep armhole for a petite person! HOWEVER, the armhole is drafted as a sleeveless garment armhole should be drafted! Absolutely no gaping in the front. Lots of pattern makers use the same armhole for sleeveless and a set-in sleeve garment when they should ideally be drafted differently! 

Another thing I have noted in my pattern to fix is to angle the dart more towards the bust. It is something I usually need to do as I am petite and my bust is higher than most patterns as drafted. Easy fixes! I broke my own rule and did not do a muslin for this garment. It is a great result, though, for a straight out of the packet shirt! 

What I particularly like about the construction is that it uses the easy ways of making the placket and setting the collar than the typical Big 4 method and works perfectly. The back yoke is burrito-rolled and hence finished with no exposed seams,which is lovely. 

Overall, this top gets a thumbs up from me. It was my first time sewing Jalie pattern and now I'm so excited to make the other ones in my stash! The blog tour was all the push I needed and I am very impressed with the quality of Jalie patterns. They are highly recommended in the sewing community and I can see why! 

 You can participate in the Jalie Sew along right now and enter for amazing prizes! Read all the details below - 


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grandmak said…
Love the blouse. It looks very feminine
Vanessa said…
What a gorgeous blouse!!
Karen said…
I am not a blouse person, but that looks beautiful!
auschick said…
I love this on you! Looks so good!! Glad you finally had the impetus to get some Jalie sewing done! Looking forward to your future Jalie makes!
Stephanie Allen said…
Glad you enjoyed sewing your first Jalie pattern! I hadn't remembered that you are petite, it was fun reading the adjustments you made.
Emily said…
So gorgeous on you!!!
Becky said…
I love the burrito roll, the Jalie construction really is top notch!
An Staute said…
Lovely job! Congratulations from all of us sewing sisters at Discovery Trekking Outfitters specialty fabrics! Leslie
Tami said…
Beautiful! That bow really is showstopper!
Curtiepie said…
Wow, that blues really suits you! Great sew
Unknown said…
This is wonderful! I made two Rose shirts for my daughters and I particularly liked that the bow was separate. So we could decide if we wanted to wear it or not. Now to make one for myself!!
LauraMichelle said…
Looks amazing! Well done. So professional.
Unknown said…
This pattern didn't do much for me before but seeing it on you makes me want to try it.Thanks for sharing it!
Andrea said…
That's so pretty! It really looks great on you.
SeamsLikeStyle said…
Your shirt looks awesome and I agree with the choice of a shirt with a big bow - they're just fun!
Terri Shaw said…
Gorgeous blouse! It looks great on you!
JosesphineSews said…
nice top
lovely sew! rose is such a gorgeous pattern - the fit is great !
Liesel said…
Absolutely beautiful. You make me want to sew this pattern right now!

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