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Ice Storm Pics..

What happens when there is freezing rain for a day?

The wet driveway isn't just wet. It has a layer of ice.

I managed to not slip anywhere!

I have this statue outside that I always take pics of in various weathers.

Ice covered branches are so cool.

And just because I like this picture..
Mehul's Room Makeover

We started on this room over the MLK weekend (not President's Day. I'm an idiot who can't keep them straight) ~ approx. a month ago! It has taken us so long to put the finishing touches on this. But I LOVE the way it looks. This is the first time I have a) used Orange b) used pen and paper to draw a plan. Usually I just have things planned in my head :)

First up, the Focal wall. The prints are 12x16.

The chalkboard painted on the wall. It is magnetic as well. Much work but too much fun!!

The Bookcase wall. Bookcase is Expedit series from IKEA. I love the drawers and door cabinets (they're red so kinda hard to see!) I can hide away things out of site.

Testing it out!

The frames are also from IKEA.

So are the curtains, the quilt, and the little coat hanger.

This room turned out to be so much work but so worth it. We painted the 2 different shades of orange on opposite facing walls. We did the first paint without primer and it needed 3 coats! I'…
Another Scrap

Cherish Love

I don't know this puffy eyed person in the picture below. That's not me. LOL! Glad I'm not working like I was then anymore!

Everything is by Miki Ferkul. I have used her Ancient Celt and Penchant kits. Both available at Scrapbook Elements.


Miki's Winter Weather Warning kit
Michelle Coleman Graphic Brushes
NRJ Bits of History Brushes
Scrapping again!

I have a great backlog of pictures since last fall. Here we go with the first layout done this year!

Miki Ferkul's Ancient Ways Imbolc ~ Available at Scrapbook Elements
Nancy's ATC cards at Scrapartist
2 Days

My fastest knitting finish yet! I knit a hat for Mehul in 2 days. Started it during morning commute on Thursday and finished Friday night while returning from IKEA (carpooling with DH is a great thing!). I was home on friday so I got more time for knitting than usual, but still I'm thrilled.

That's the good bit, the slightly off bit is that it's too big for Mehul so DH is wearing it! I had done everything right, I even had done a test swatch this time. The pattern suggested this size for 18m-4 yr. There is no way this will ever fit a 3 yr old. As I said, it fits DH. Now I just have to knit another one for Mehul. This confirms my feeling that the patterns in The Knitter's Handy book are too big. I had read this in the book reviews and now it's confirmed for me. I'll be sure to switch to smaller size from now on.

I made a boo boo on my sock and now its toe needs frogging. I made the heal and it's perfect. I am getting better at my knitting skills though i…