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Quick update

I will be going to India in a few days for work purposes. Life is quite hectic right now. I will be there for 5 weeks. Will be back in the middle of July. There is some vacation time in there but mostly it will be work work work.

I also wanted to show the London Photobook that I've ordered. I made it using ArtsCow interface i.e. it was quickly put together on the site. Here is a peek!

London Photobook ** Requires Microsoft Silverlight.
Wool, Sheep and Silk cocoons!

Last Saturday, Jenni and I went to MD Wool and sheep Festival. It was my first time there but she has gone several times before. DH volunteered to drive me to her house. We woke bright and early, had chai and were at her house around 7:45AM. I fell in love with her yard and who could not love Henry? He is the cutest. This was my first time seeing him though it seems like I've watched him grow - from his pictures. CUTE!

So we were at the festival before 9AM. The first thing I noticed were people walking back to the parking with plants. There were some plant sellers at the beginning so I bought some (pictures later) and deposited them in the car. Then we were on yarn hunt.

Jenni wanted to start at the main barn - that's where the most vendors were so there we went. On the way to the barn we saw the sheep! There was some sheep activity going on but we were on a mission. I was amazed by all the yarn and couldn't help but touch all the lusciousness. I…