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Some Jewelery I made

I've been making little pieces here and there since December last year (I think). I visited a gem show and decided to give this hobby a try. I really like the gemstones. The variety in colors, textures, sizes is amazing. Every single time, I get a different result. And getting instant results is a plus! There are a few I haven't photographed, and a few that are not finished yet. Yes, even beading has WIPs! I just hope they don't become UFOs.

Here are some of my favorites. To see all the pictures, go here

Coral & Beads Necklace

TigerEye Necklace

Pearls & Black Beads Necklace

Coral Hoops

The next step for me would be to try some more advanced techniques. Wire Jewelery making is something I'd like to try but it requires making even more investment than what I've already made. It is the most expensive hobby I've ever had. It's so addictive. I really need to organize my stash in a single place and then I wouldn't have to worry about ha…
Pictures from around the garden

Sorry my blog is always so photo intensive. I took some pics of the walk way that has been built recently. DH and I put the sod (grass that comes in form of rolls) in between the steps. Thanks to a lot of rain over the last few weeks, it seems to have been established.

I had seen a picture in 'Walks Walls and Patios' book and it just spoke to me. I wanted to do exactly that. It's quite close :)

Front view. It also shows my tiny little Hydrangeas.

Back view

A vine on the side of the house. It will have white fragrant flowers.

Some blooms

I will have a pictures of Azaleas next as they're blooming finally!