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2011 is coming to an end

Few hours and we will be saying goodbye to 2011. It was a great year and here's to another great one!!

Here is our holiday card this year! Happy New Year everyone!!

Green Fleece jacket

I have been making Aanya's clothing slowly but surely. I love dressing her up in mama-made clothing. I even bought the clothing tags that say 'mama made' :D It makes me so happy to see her wearing handmade things. Slowly I've been working on improving my initially pathetic sewing skills. Yesterday I made her this fully lined fleece jacket.Every new item becomes my current favorite and this is no exception. Here is the jacket pending the buttons

McCalls 5739
Fabric lining is Michael Miller Oriental Kids print.  Love!
Tonight I started making a matching dress. It will be a simple sleeveless dress in the same print, lined with white cotton. I can't wait for her to wear this ensemble.

I'm SO excited to be blogging again! It's great to have a place to put my thoughts in writing rather than just pictures here or there. I have a whole 1.5 yrs worth of pictures to share!! So stay tuned!

It's almost 2012

Before the end of the year I want to post at least once this year! EEK!!
Where have I been? What have I been doing? Well, here is a quick recap.

Mehul turned 7
Aanya turned 19 months old
I turned 35!!

I have been around here somewhere. Sewing a lot of clothes for Aanya. During the summer her wardrobe was probably 30% mama made <3 Aanya is cloth diapered and I made her a complete stash. I still need to make her trainers but that can wait a bit while I work on her winter clothing. Knitting and cross stitching a little bit as well. I knitted her a cardigan and a dress. Made Mehul a couple fleece hoodies. There will be a picture heavy post later when I'm on the other computer but I just wanted to pop back in here and revive the blog tonight.