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Back from Hawaii!!

We spent our 10th Anniversary in Hawaii. It was the most wonderful trip ever! The kids behaved, mostly. We visited the Volcano National Park, rain forests, went whale watching and spent a ton of time together as family. No internet in the hotel for the first time ever on a vacation LOL It was really the most amazing experience. I have tons of pics but I will chose one or two from each activity to keep it manageable and also interesting for you!

Day 1 and 2: The day we were leaving for Hawaii, Aanya fell sick. She had fever and was not happy during the flight. The flight was long - 2 changes (DC to TX, TX to LA, LA to HI). It was the most awful part of the entire trip. Once we got there and slept the night she started feeling better. No more fevers Yay.
We started the morning easy and took a tour around the hotel. We stayed at the Hilton resort in Waikoloa. It is so awesome I can't even describe it in words. It encapsulates what Hawaii is all about..lots of vegetation, ocean, and …

And something for him

Ok - we all know girl clothing is just too cute to resist buying or making. But my big boy is not without mamamade clothing either. I made him 2 fleece hoodies last year. He helped by selecting the fabric combos and the shield applique. Everytime he puts one of these on it puts a smile on my face. Finally, something for my boy! There is another one in red and grey but I don't have a picture online for it.

The hoodie pattern is from the book 'Sewing clothes kids love'. It is actually a great book for children's clothing inspiration, patterns are really good and fit my petite kids very well. Sizing is European so you do need to figure out which size to make but information is all included in there. One of the items on my 52 things list is from this book - 'Feliz' which is the ultimate ruffly super twirly girls dress with an underlayer and an overlayer.

Few from last year

Last summer I was making Aanya a nice summery wardrobe. There are so many cute girl dress patterns that I have a hard time chosing which one to do. One such pattern is Summertime Dress. The designer is from a sewing forum I frequent and she is just as sweet as this dress is! I bought the pattern right as it came out and made the dress. It is adorable. I'm sad that it is too small for her now. I plan to make at least 2 more this summer.

(ignore the unfinished hem. this was try it out time)

Aanya had this simple knit frock which is way too cute on her. I traced the lines on paper and just recreated the pattern. It actually fits and looks cool! I made her 2 of these last year. Bonus points with this one because she can wear these as tunic over her jeans this year. Yay for knits!

I haven't done much sewing since last post. I have been tasked with coming up with pirate costumes for 7 kids from DS's Odyssey of the Mind program. It's not much, just vests made of felt but th…