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Pattern Review Wardrobe Contest

I have signed up for the 1-2-3 Wardrobe Contest at It runs from Feb 1 2018-Mar 15 2018 (ETA: updated to reflect correct date). The rules and discussion threads are here. I have some awesome ideas swirling around for making a vacation capsule and this seems like the perfect opportunity to do it! We're going to a resort vacation in summer and I need to make a new swimsuit and resortwear type items to go along with.

I am also doing the 2018 RTW fast which means I can not buy any new clothes this year! Not a problem since RTW never fits me right anyway. The swimsuits fit horrendously due to my height and since I already know what adjustments to make and have actually made well fitting swimsuits before, it is not a problem to whip up a new suit this year! As for pattern, it will most likely be either Supersuit by Rad patterns or Simplicity / Mimi G suit I have made before. Since I've made both before, I am not worried about fitting challenges.

But swimsuit is not going to be a part of the 1-2-3 Wardrobe Contest. The contest rules specify the garments need to be 1 topper, 2 bottoms, 3 tops. Each of the top must work with the bottom, and the topper must work with each outfit combo. Thus far my plans are -

  • Topper - Designer Stitch Willow Kimono. I've made 2 of these before so this should be a very quick sew! Pattern already printed and ready. 
    • Topper Fabric: Undecided. I'm leaning towards a white rayon or swiss dot but I have to find the right fabric.
  • Bottom #1 - McCall 7606 skirt Not tried before. I need to cut the pattern before the contest starts. Since it's a flowy non fitted wrap style skirt, I'm not anticipating any fitting issues with this one. I will cut the ties out of a non slippery fabric probably rayon or cotton to not be fiddling with them all day! 
    • Skirt Fabric: Print chiffon
  • Bottom #2 -  Layla Jayne Willow Pleated Front Shorts. These are coming out soon. They're released! I tested these so they're already patterned and muslined. I have to make some changes to the final fit, may decide to do another muslin. We'll see how much time I have remaining! 
    • Shorts Fabric: Olive rayon linen
  • Top #1 - McCall 7606 bodysuit. I need to cut the pattern before the contest starts. I am anticipating issues with fitting of this bodysuit. If the muslin gives me trouble, my backup option is Closet Case Nettie bodysuit. I have made this one twice before and have the fit adjustments made already. I like the medium back of this one. I might just do this if I'm running out of muslining time! 
    • Bodysuit Fabric: Black White stripe rayon
  • Top #2 - Designer Stitch Eleni. Pattern not printed or muslined however, I know the adjustments I need to make to Designer Stitch block and completely trust Ann's drafting skills so I'm not anticipating issues here! This one is a MUST! 
    • Eleni Fabric: Red crepe de chine
  • Top #3 - 5outof4 Knot Your Average top. Pattern printed but not muslined. I have never worked with 5 out of 4 patterns though I know they're highly recommended. There is a Sewalong for this top starting Feb 5th so this might actually be one of the first patterns to get done! If I hate it, I'll come up with a replacement option but I don't think that would be the case. I really love the style of this top! 
    • Knot top fabric: Blush pink cotton lycra
I'm loving how all the colors and patterns work together. Excited to sew this capsule!

After I'm done with these 6 garments, I will be making my swimsuit. That should be enough to keep me sewing till summer! 

Ongoing progress posts on this contest - Wrap dress & Top, Shorts muslin 


Crystal Rice said…
You are so organized! And you will look terrific in your vacation collection. Can't wait to watch you sew it.
Anonymous said…
Nice choices! Hey, just want to let you know the contest ends on march 15th, not 31st.
Shalini said…
Thanks for letting me know! Fixed the date.
Anonymous said…
I signed up too thanks to your post in one of the FB groups! I love your choices because I'm all about color and print too. I've got kind of a red-white-blue thing going on with my fabric choices. I wanted very different silhouettes but I think it will still all work together. 3-2-1 would be a great framework for packing for a trip, too!

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