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Pattern Review Wardrobe Contest

I have signed up for the 1-2-3 Wardrobe Contest at It runs from Feb 1 2018-Mar 15 2018 (ETA: updated to reflect correct date). The rules and discussion threads are here. I have some awesome ideas swirling around for making a vacation capsule and this seems like the perfect opportunity to do it! We're going to a resort vacation in summer and I need to make a new swimsuit and resortwear type items to go along with.

I am also doing the 2018 RTW fast which means I can not buy any new clothes this year! Not a problem since RTW never fits me right anyway. The swimsuits fit horrendously due to my height and since I already know what adjustments to make and have actually made well fitting swimsuits before, it is not a problem to whip up a new suit this year! As for pattern, it will most likely be either Supersuit by Rad patterns or Simplicity / Mimi G suit I have made before. Since I've made both before, I am not worried about fitting challenges.

But swimsuit is not…

Sewing Plans for 2018

January has almost flown by and I haven't had a chance to sit down and do a review of previous year nor plans for 2018. This has partially been due to a number of pattern tests I involved myself in the beginning of January and partially due to getting overwhelmed at the prospect of doing a big collage or writeup of everything I did in 2017. I'm not going to do a big collage or writeup :-) A lot of what I made is already on this blog or on the FB sewing album. I do know I sewed through 225 yards of fabric and finished 161 of 170 sewing projects started in 2017. Here is just a small sample of what I made in 2017.

Goals for 2018 are going to be similar. I want to sew at least 150 yards of fabric and make at least 100 projects. I have also picked up my cross stitching WIPs again and have the urge to x-stitch something this year so I likely will. That might cut into sewing time but that's ok! It's about doing what I like and if I happen to cross stitch more this year, that …