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Morning Craziness

We overslept this morning. Wake up at 7:45 instead of 6:45AM. Everyone rushes to get showered and dressed as fast as humanly possible. Mehul skips shower. He doesn't like it anyway. I have a daily conference call at 9AM that I generally take in the car. DH remembers *he* has a meeting at 10 and we will certainly be late. Since we've sold my car (yay! I'm getting a new one soon), we have to carpool. No time for breakfast he determines. I toss a package of cheese and crackers towards Mehul and off we go.

We drop M at the daycare at 8:30 and reach my office at 9, promptly in time for my conference call. Something is wrong. The traffic light isn't working. There is no electricity in the area! The building has a generator but that can only support the lights, elevator, etc. Our servers are on battery power for a while but LAN is down. Wireless network in the company isn't working either. How long will my laptop battery last? It will be a couple of hours …
Slightly Religious Post

I don't think I've ever done a religious post here. I have been thinking of making a poster for my favorite stanza from The Bhagwad Geeta - Hindu religious text. It is known as Geeta Saar or the Essence of Geeta. It gives me strength in the bad times and happiness in good times. I want to hang this somewhere I can see it daily.

Not one of the most stellar LOs I've done, but I wanted to keep this simple and focus on the text.
Geeta Saar

Among other news, we are leaving for Toronto next Saturday. Our Aunt has been calling us for a couple of years (!) and we're finally going this time. On our last trip, Mehul was 2.5 months old. We went by air that time and it was the Christmas weekend. Nightmare! Not something I wish to repeat. BTW, he turned from tummy to back for the first time in their house! Now he's 2.5 years old. We'll be returning on the 4th of July. I have the 5th off as well. I have a couple of novels for myself (including Harry Pot…
Couple of LOs

I made this one last night from Miki Ferkul's newest "Freezy Pops" kit yet to be released to Scrapbook Elements. I just love the summery feel of it. Yes, this is the kid pool I was talking about in the last post.

Miki Ferkul's newest "Freezy Pops" kit to be released on June 24th at Scrapbook Elements.
Staples from Jenn Patrick available at The Digi Shoppe. I call them "The Best Staples Ever".

Milk Mustache
Who can resist this face??

Paper: Lisa Whitney's A Beautiful Mess (I still love this kit) at ScrapArtist.
Cardboard Flip: Linda GB at ScrapArtist
Star: Lisa Whitney
Buttons: In Memory of Miles kit
Flower: Christina Renee Urban Buds freebie on her blog
Stitches: Lisa Whitney Ultimate Stitches II at ScrapArtist.
Photo Frame: In Memory of Miles kit (pretty sure it is)
Swirl: Lori Wiley at Scrapbook Bytes

That's it from me today. I have to get back to work. I have a special LO that I've saved for a separate post,…
Summer is definitely here

This weekend was so relaxing. We did not have anyone over, we didn't go errand-running (except a trip to Walmart - Diaper Emergency!), heck I didn't even clean the way I usually do. Mehul and I went to the library on Saturday but that was a short trip. Mostly, we just stayed inside or played in the backyard.
Saturday - DH helped us setup the Slip-N-Slide in the backyard and then he went to get the car fixed. Mehul and I stayed outside for about 2 hours. I put my chair next to him and continued my reading. He really enjoyed it. After this, trip to the library. I am so impressed by our Library's Collection. So far, there are *very* few books I've wanted to read and haven't found at the Library. There are actually 6 branches and I can request books from other branches too. Their catalog and request system is online as well, it's very convenient.
Sunday - Father's Day. I made DH one of his favorite dishes - Puri Aloo for lunch. I also l…
Just been busy

I've been busy working so no posts in almost a week. Every single day there is some new drama at work. Work related, not personal but there are new issues cropping up all the time. We seem to have stabilized a bit today. But even this morning, both our test and production servers were down. Turned out one of the client's server was down that caused errors in both of our servers, but still. I was the one spending the time debugging them. Ugh.

Anyway, Mehul came down with stomach virus on Monday evening, so I was home with him Tuesday (and working as well). I ended up working until 10:30 in the night. And started back at 6AM Wednesday morning. Mehul finally went back to school on Thursday. He's fine now, but I'm concerned because he's lost yet more weight. It's lower than what it was at his 2 year checkup. I don't know what to do. He rarely eats his lunches but he eats breakfast & dinner with us, and snacks at school. We're trying differe…
Zoo Pictures! (AKA Long and Photo intensive post)

We made it to the zoo yesterday. The weather co-operated and we had a great time. We deliberately took the Metro to DC instead of driving as Mehul enjoys the ride and is *very* into Trains and Trucks rightnow. Though he wasn't as impressed as I thought he would be. He loves seeing trains approaching from outside, not so much the ride itself.

Anyhow, since we were there last year, National Zoo has built the Asia Trail. I think it was opened last September. The Giant Panda trail is a part of it now. They also have Sloth Bears which are quite common in India. This time we saw the Red Panda again. We have gone to the zoo atleast once every year ever since we've lived here in VA, and had only seen the Red Panda once before. Another animal we have only seen once are the Golden Tamarind Monkeys - they still weren't there this time.

Mandatory Giant Panda Photo first They are always so far away, it's hard to get a good picture. Th…
Mehul Funny

When Mommy meets Mehul after school.

Mommy: Mehul, so what did you do at school today?
Mehul: In a Paper.
Mommy: What?
Mehul(yelling): IT'S IN A PAPER!!
Mommy: Oooookay.

He was referring to the sheet he gets from the daycare which lists all the daily activities. I can't wait for the teenage years.
May Review
1. Increase run to 5 Miles within 80 minutes (more reasonable goal). Done. I did 5 miles in under 75 minutes, and 6.2 miles in 88 minutes. Yay
2. Run atleast 30 miles in May.Nope. Only got 15 miles
3. Complete and send ATCs. Done
4. Water the herb garden as needed. (not much of a garden, it's just a long, narrow row of herbs in the backyard.) Yep

June Goals
1. Run 6.2 miles in under 85 minutes.
2. Water the herb garden as needed.
3. Stitch atleast 7 nights.
4. Scrap atleast 7 Layouts.
5. Watch atleast one movie in Theater.
I scrapped I scrapped

Thanks to my Canon Rebel, I have a renewed interest in scrapping now. Love the pictures it takes. All my beach photos were taken with it. It also helps that all my CT designers are coming up with such great products. I scrapped some of them.

Be an Original

Everything from Diamate Designs by Lori Wiley. Available at Scrapbook Bytes and Scraptastics
Background: Glamorous Midnight
Edge Overlay: Graph Tears
Swirls: Glamorous Decorative Swirls
Red Flower: Schones Blumen III
Fabric Loops: Tye Dye Knots
Bling Flowers

Just Me

Miki Ferkul's Mellow Yellow at Scrapbook Elements.
Big swirl - Diamante Designs Swish at Scrapbook Bytes.

Love Dream Grow

Everything from Miki Ferkul's Penchant kit at Scrapbook Elements.

Beach Boy

Lisa Whitney's Love Blossoms to be released at ScrapArtist
Lisa Whitney's Ultimate Stitches #2 at ScrapArtist
'B' alpha Lisa Whitney's Graph Paper Stitched Alpha at ScrapArtist
Diamante Designs Swish at Scrapbook B…