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Guest room prints
Digi, I have missed you!!!
I did these prints today for our Guest bedroom. The size is 16x12 and the frames they'll go in are 20x16. I print at Costco as the bigger prints are way cheaper than anywhere else. They'll be ready tomorrow. Can't wait!

&copy Michelle Coleman, Medith Fenwick and Nancy Rowe Jaitz

I also printed this years Christmas cards.

I had started a baby book for Mehul that just got printed. He is now reading so it should still be useful :)
Ok you readers :-) I guess I should fess up what has been keeping me busy -

My sisters family visited us in September. This visit had been postponed because of me going to India for a month for work in June. So before she visited, we completely re-did the guest bedroom. This kept us busy through out August. I am really quite happy with the way this room has been done. Exactly what I wanted. There will be pictures, I promise.
They visited in mid-september and stayed till mid-october. We took them to Disney!! They have a 7yr old DD and it was just perfect. We were there for 6 days and had a great time. Went to Sea World, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. The weather was good for the most part, the lines were short. It was a great time to visit. The only thing was I couldn't ride but still made the most of it. We also took them to visit Niagara Falls and New York city. Both long trips but they really enjoyed it.
After she went back we slowly got into…
I will be shocked if anyone still comes to check this blog. I will try to blog regularly again. I have some news that I can't share here yet but it is the news that is keeping me busy :-)

Since the closet transformation, we've undertaken building my craft room (Finally!). Hopefully it will be in decent enough shape to take pictures of soon.

I just finished re-doing all the images for this blog. Way too tiring of a job. I'll be back.