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Master closet - Transformed

DH started working on this when I was in India. We had discussed doing something with the closet and I had done sketches and started a design in IKEA design builder to come up with ideas last year. Nothing concrete because we wanted to explore all the options. He did the research while I was gone and started building it.
Prior to this, we just had a single rail running all the way through with a wire rack to keep clothes. I don't think I have a picture of that but it's pretty standard in builder houses in our area.

It is DONE!! My dream closet is done.

This is the best possible shot from the outside. The right wall is completely mine, the back wall is his but there is some of my stuff there, the left wall is 50/50.

Right wall
My work tops and bottoms on the right. The main dresser has my indian dresses, night suits, workout clothes, t-shirts, jeans, etc. The thin side unit has undies, socks.
More work tops on the left bottom, kurtas etc. on the top.

Thanks, all. For sure, DH and DS are missing me. DS is sick and it was heart breaking to hear his voice on the phone. I will be sooo glad to be back home. I am even looking forward to the flight - normally I hate it. LOL The only life-saver has been VOIP phone which we've used like anything too keep in touch. Without it I would have been depressed.

Raychill - I remember that! We must be stitching-sisters :)

This morning I sent my final laundry for the week and it suddenly hit me. This is the beginning of my trip back. Co-workers are taking me to dinner today so I will pack tomorrow night. Checkout of the hotel friday morning, catch the flight to Delhi in the evening after work. This weekend I'll be in Delhi and time just FLIES when I'm there. Sunday night is my flight back home!!!

An entire month without any posts. I thank you to visit after such long absences from blogging. So much is going on in my life that I don't feel like spilling all of that here -- except for crafting, ofcourse. I love making craft related posts.

Quick update - I am in India currently on the tail end of my trip. It has been fine except missing DH and DS too much. This time I got the time to do all those things I want to do on when I come to India but never have time for - like taking long walks in the parks, going window shopping (and shopping), going to movies, just sitting at home (hotel) and hanging out with family, and so on. But it has been a long 4 weeks without them. It would have been so much better if they were able to come but seeing that we just visited 6 months ago, it didn't make sense. DH wasn't able to get vacation so soon and for me it is work during weekdays anyways.

So glad I brought stitching with me on this trip. It was a last minute decision to …