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Potholders for home

Happy Holidays!

I made something different for the Holiday Blog Tour. Instead of the usual array of clothing that I have gotten pretty good at churning out, I spent some time making potholders for the kitchen and also some cloth pads that I have been putting off for months now. I also have a really cute handmade cloth pad to give away at the bottom of the post so make sure you enter the giveaway!! Link is at the bottom.

The potholders were very quick to sew. I spent more time making the bias tape for the potholders than the actual sewing! For the first time ever, I used the continuous bias tape method of making tape. I am a convert!

I love this colorful pre-quilted fabric I found at Joanns and immediately knew I will be making these for the holidays. The fabric is two sided and both prints are lovely! They had so many. I picked this because the color coordinates with my kitchenaid mixer.

Here are my gloves which I also love. I made it showing both prints. These will be used for the microwave only because I felt they're not thick enough for oven. That is the only downside to using pre-quilted fabric. If I were to do the quilting myself, I would have used a layer of insul-brite in it to make sure they would handle the heat properly. But you can't beat the speed of sewing these ones!

The bright and cheery color is just perfect for my kitchen, which is a lot of brown cabinets with black & silver appliances. This makes me very happy! Mitten pattern is from Sew4home.

I made some cloth pads as well. Ever since switching to these, I haven't looked back at disposables. After doing cloth diapers with Aanya, it was easy to make the switch. I made her diapers as well and have loads of PUL, zorb, and diaper flannel remaining so I have been making them off and on. Early this year I found the novelty shapes and have been wanting to make a lot of them but was intimidated.

(Yes, they're supposed to have snaps. Oops! I didn't realize until after photos that I did not snap yet. They are added at the end so all is fine.)

With the stitch on the sewing line method, it is actually not so scary. I'm still not great with topstitching. It will come with time! If you've only ever sewn clothes and not pads (or diapers), you haven't an idea how precise this need to be! You literally sew on the sewing line, no guessing the seam allowance here! If you go outside the line, go back and fix it or your pad will be lopsided ;) I am very happy with these though. They are medium coverage with cotton topper, PUL backer, and zorb middle. They are extremely trim as well. It's like not wearing anything at all. I have also made fleece ones but they do add a bit of bulk. Either way, cloth pads surpass the disposables by a long shot!

The snowmen are a Moonglow studios pattern. Unfortunately, I think they are not selling the pattern right now. But you can enter the giveaway for your own snowman pad!

This snowman is my most favorite of the ones I made this week. Actually, it may be my favorite of ALL the ones I have sewn thus far.

This one is a hack of the Titan pattern by Dreamline Designs. I took the top and repeated it at the bottom. I still have to make the original version as is. It's so regal either way!

This one is Daytime Sparrow, also by Dreamline Designs. I love finding out that I have a few bird fabrics in my stash already. And PUL that matches perfectly.

Last but not the least! This one is for the giveaway! I have put in the snaps after taking the photo LOL!! To enter, just leave a comment in the rafflecopter here and make sure to give me your email so I can contact you. The giveaway is open for 48 hours from 12/23/17 to 12/24/17 and I will draw a winner on 12/25 Christmas morning!! Good luck!


auschick said…
Oh I love these! That pre-quilted fabric is so cute! I have so much quilting cotton I need to use up (and wadding) that I need to just make mine from scratch, though it would be so tempting to just buy the pre-made stuff! And I really want to try cloth pads. The disposables are so gross! I have almost everything I need -- just need zorb I think!
Shalini said…
You will love the cloth Natasha! No going back once you switch.

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