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Christmas is coming..

You see it everywhere now, in the stores, on TV and radio, in the scrap booking galleries and stores, it is here. Still more than a month to go, but okay.

We may have found our Christmas Tree. This is the first tree that we're buying together! I initially thought of getting a small tree, 3.5 to 4.5 foot in height. After looking at a 4.5 ft. tree, both of us felt it wasn't the one for us. We need a bigger tree. A 6.5 ft tree at JCPenny seemed appropriate, but it wasn't as 'full'. A friend mentioned Lowes. Off we went, and I (obviously) selected the pricier one, the one which looks just like the real tree. And, it's 7 feet, and prelit, so we don't have to do tedious task of attaching lights. It's really pretty. Girish has agreed on that one, and we are hopefully getting it tonight. I was drooling over the cream and gold ornaments at Michael's the other day. Now I can get them!!

Here is the tree. Can you believe it's not a real tree? Look at the closeup of a branch.

This week is a short one, which makes me very happy. Thanksgiving is on Thursday, and we also get the day after Thanksgiving off. So, work 3 days, off 4 days. Why can't all weeks be like that? LOL!

We generally don't celebrate TG, but this time, we are starting this tradition too! There will be no Turkey (I'm vegetarian, G doesn't care for it, M won't eat it anyway just like he won't eat any other food item), only sides. I'm thinking Garlic Mashed Potatoes (I make yummmm), Steamed Garlic Lemon Broccoli, a Paneer dish (haven't decided which one yet), and a pie/cake afterwards. I'll get the the pie/cake from Trader Joe's. I don't want to do a big meal since I want to watch the special 2 hour Grey's Anatomy! I plan on getting a lot of stitching done over the weekend.

Now, why can't I attempt to make a pie? I have never tried to make a pie. I make Cakes and Muffins from the box and that's about it. And, I've baked cookies (from scratch) twice. Trying a new Western style dessert is on my 101 things to do list - - > Maybe next year.


Christine said…
Ooo, thanks for the heads-up on the 2 hour Grey's Anatomy!! I knew it would be a new episode but I didn't know it would be longer.

We bought a new tree this year, too. It's a Martha Stewart 7.5ft pre-lit tree...the base even spins, lol! I think we'll still put some coloured lights on though.
Sene said…
Wow! What a beautiful tree...Very nice..
4 Holidays....Great! And enjoy the long weekend.....

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