Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I'm about to leave from work in 5 minutes so this will be very short. Few of my roses are blooming! I'm in love :) Few are not yet blooming and I will be very patient with them. The red one is my most favorite ever. No, the pink one. The yellow! I love them all. I was stupid and didn't label them as I planted them. I know many are Hybrid Tea roses and one is 'Peace' Hybrid Tea. That's all I remember. I'll try to do better next time I plant a rose!
I have also planted some Flower Carpet roses and some Double Knockouts that aren't blooming yet. The Hybrid Teas were the first to get planted.


Stitcher S said...

They're gorgeous. I love roses, too.
Peace was my grandma's favorite rose. Lovely, lovely.

Karen said...

Beautiful roses! What is the 4th one down? It's Gorgeous!