Thursday, June 12, 2008

Did something about the Hydrangea-induced-guilt

I moved them. Originally when I had planted them in the front (North), I thought they'd only get morning sunshine and afternoon shade. Wrong. I noticed over the last weekend (I was home for about 4 days - read on) that they were getting pretty strong afternoon sun. Anyone who has planted Hydrangeas knows that most varieties don't do well in afternoon sun. In spring, they did fine because the sun wasn't as high in the sky so the front was shaded by the surrounding houses in the evening, the temperatures were low and everything was great. Summer sun is not the same. Novice gardener mistake :) Of the 3 Hydrangeas in the front, I've moved 2 to the east side bed. These two were the ones that always wilted. The third one is still in the front as I have no place to move it and it seems to be liking it where it is. I don't know what's different about it. The two I moved are liking it better where they are now.

I was home friday through monday. Not for fun, mind you. I was taking some training for work and decided Friday would be a good time for taking the test to get certified. Home is much quieter than my desk and for taking the test I needed quiet and no disturbances. So that was friday (I passed - 95% and 83% for the two tests). Because I was home, I didn't realize there was no power at work since the afternoon. Monday morning my boss called me to tell me to stay at home until further notice because the power was still gone. Network was down, and no AC. The network came back around 11 but still no AC so we stayed put. Back to normal routine from Tuesday.

Anyhow, now I'm looking for other plants for the front. I might just get some annuals and be done for this year. I'm bummed because I really wanted Hydrangeas in the front.

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Stitcher S said...

Sorry about the hydrangeas.

We live basically in the outskirts of the desert, and I have a hydrangea in the sun. I am a slave to it, however...and water it a lot. It hasn't done very well compared to the ones we have in the shade.

I so love them, I feel your pain in moving it.

Roses love full sun. Have you considered putting roses where the hydrangeas were? Just a thought.