Saturday, June 07, 2008


I loved hydrangeas the first time I saw them in a picture. I think the first time I saw them in person was at the National Zoo. This spring, I planted a few in my front garden and 2 in the east side bed. The side Hydrangeas are pink, front are blue. They might change their color as they figure out the pH of the soil, but for now I have 2 different colors. LOVE them! They drink a lot of water. Some days when I come home, they're starting to wilt and as soon as I get them some water, they become all hydrated and happy. I feel guilty of making them thirsty and not being home to take care of them. Sigh. Who knew plants could make you feel guilty? LOL

Here they are in the front-

Tiny but full of blooms!

Side bed-

Today is Mehul's last Soccer practice. He's getting better at it. I don't know what we'll enroll in next, if anything. I don't like scheduling too much. Just one game on Saturday afternoon seemed to take over entire day, specially because it was in the middle of the day. We missed one day of practice only and that was when we visited the National Zoo. I think weeknight session might work better for us.


Taneya said...

they are gorgeous! i like how your garden is developing. Oh, FYI - all three of us MIGHT be in DC in August for a friend's wedding. I'll let you know if we do - would love to have dinner again :-)

Daffycat said...

The hydrangeas are lovely! I have blue ones too and they are just starting to bloom out. I keep mine blue by fertilizing them with aluminum sulphate that I buy at the garden center.

Your yard and house looks so nice!

Karen said...

Your hydrangeas are so pretty!