Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thanks for the wishes! The party went well. We had to move indoors as it was just too hot out. But other than that, everything went as planned. Everyone loved the food, the kids enjoyed a lot, the adults enjoyed too. Mehul's playroom was the main playground for the kids and by the evening it looked like a tornado had gone through! LOL In the evening as the guests started leaving, the neighbor's kids came right back outside and played on the bouncy. I was so happy to see it getting used as well.

I have so many pictures to post but no time this week. Mummy papa are leaving on Monday - 15th October. Yes, Already!! We are going to miss them but Mehul will miss them the most. It will be hard on him for a while. He looks for papa first thing in the morning. It doesn't help that he is supposed to be transitioned to the next class (Gard 3) starting tuesday. We're going to talk with the Director tomorrow when we go to drop him and try to delay the transitioning. Normally we wouldn't do that but seeing that he hasn't been regular in the daycare for almost 2 months and starting to be fussy when we do leave him there, it's necessary.

We have taken Friday and Monday off to do something fun with them. We might get to some of the touristy places still left to visit or might just stay and spend the last days with them at home. Sunday, we have a block party in the neighborhood - the first one in this new community so we have to be there as well. I think I signed up for salad and trash bags. Hopefully this will be our last busy weekend for a while. I miss my stitching and scrapping.

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