Monday, October 01, 2007

Amazing how days are flying..

Another weekend gone! Now we just have Mummy papa for 2 more weekends here. This weekend was entirely too busy. Friday was dinner at a friend's place. Visited another friend on Saturday and brunch at yet another friend's on Sunday.

I finalized the details of the party this weekend. And gave a test run to a new Jeera Chicken recipe. It's easy, quick and yum (from those who ate it. I don't do chicken.) Somehow the discussion that started with "All food will be catered. Don't Make Anything." ended with "I'm making everything but one dish". LOL!! DH is not talking to me.

I finished the purple scarf. So now I have done 3 scarves and mom has done 2. That's too many scarves! I need to learn something else. Jenni and I are meeting for lunch so she can hopefully teach me something else. I'm useless without a teacher.

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