Thursday, October 18, 2007


Let's get right to it.

You've already seen my first scarf ever.

My second scarf. Look how messy my edges are. They are improving now :)

Knit 4 rows
K3 *(K2tog Yo K) repeat from * K3

Mom made this one. It's plain garter stitch.

Same pattern as the one above. Only wider.
The picture in the background is a Paint-by-Number done by my sister!

I like this one the most. This is in Mehul's school colors and my most recent finish. Love it. Excuse the pillow fibers please! They shed more than my hair. LOL!

K3 *(K2P1) repeat K3
Knit next row

The bootie! A bit tight for Mehul but I love it. I'll be making the other one soon. Ran out of the gray yarn.

Pattern : here (pdf). I didn't add the straps because I am having issues with doing them. Still need to make the other one.

Dishcloths. Both started by me and finished by Mom. LOL! I don't like the cotton yarn much.

Pattern: Feather and Fan.

Can't remember what this pattern is called.

I started the Black and White striped scarf today after much frustration yesterday with it. I got some wonderful advice on the Wagon. It's looking nice:)


Erin said...

Wow, you've been quite the busy little bee, haven't you? LOL I really like the knitting pattern you used on the purple and green ones. They almost look crochetted.

Stitcher S said...

Wonderful pieces! I really like all of them, and the color on the top one is one of my favorites.

Sene said...

Beautiful ones!! Loved the bootie..