Thursday, July 06, 2006

Yesterday, when I went to pick 21mo DS from the (awesome!) daycare, his teacher made a comment about how he's suddenly starting to talk a lot. I have noticed for the last 1 week or so that he is starting to immitate words a lot. He was saying some words like mama, dada, doggie, milk, etc. but all of a sudden he has started calling things by their names. We came out of his class and I asked him to kiss mommy. He did. And then said 'Hug?' and proceeded to hug me!!!! OMG! I was still recovering from the shock when he said 'Fishies' and ran to them. There is a small pond with fish and foliage inside the daycare. He had always called all animals, birds, fish, anything that moves and isn't human, DOGGIE. All of a sudden they're 'Fishies'. sniff. He's growing up.

In other news, long weekend was nice. We had some friends staying with us. I did get Michelle's Altered QP challenge layout done. Didn't win, but I had fun.


SteinwaysMom said...

Oh how nice of you to put my blog on your list. I am convinced no one reads it! I can put yours up on mine if you want.

Do you live in India or America? (I assumed you are from India but mayb that's wrong

Shalini said...

Oooh I'm so glad you made it here! You're right, I'm and Indian living in America.

I love reading your blog so I added you :)