Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I'm here I'm here Just swamped at work. I haven't had time to do any LOs in 10 days. Eek! That has not happened since I started Digi-scrapping. I hope I get some time tonight...

In other news, we got a little shocker from DS's daycare teacher yesterday. Mehul apparantly hit a boy in the head with a toy. They were both pushing each other and the teacher told them to stop. They kept pushing, the other boy tried to take the toy from Mehul and he hit him! This is the first time he's hit someone. Needless to say, he got a timeout in the class and we had a 'discussion' with him at home. Don't know how much he understands, he's only 21 months afterall. But, I felt awful. His teacher said Mehul was very quiet, well behaved when he first started the daycare but now, he's 'become like the others' - her words. Don't know what to make of it.

Well, here's hoping there's some scrapping in my future. Now, back to work.

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SteinwaysMom said...

I taught daycare (definitely not my calling in life) and the toddlers all tried to bite each other and steal each others toys. Only the parents of only children seemed shocked that their little darlings could be capable of such behavior. If he had a brother they would be hitting each other and wrestling so not to worry. The truly 'bad' children came from troubled homes and had emotional problems or had never been disciplined so it was very draining to deal with them.