Monday, July 10, 2006


Originally uploaded by flickr.shalini.

I've figured out what a lot of bloggers already know. Flickr Rocks!!! I've posted this photograph by using Flickr. It's combined with my yahoo account. I just signed up for a new account and it was as easy as setting up this blog :)
I'll continue using flickr to post photos from now on.
OK. Something about the photo. I created this from a tutorial I found at one of the digi-scrapping sites. If you'd like to know the link, let me know as I'll have to hunt for it and I'm feeling lazy :) These pictures of Mehul were taken on April 1st, in DC's Cherry Blossom Festival. He looks so much grown up here (and chubby too) In reality, anyone who's seen him knows the truth LOL. I love these cute pictures and have scrapped them a number of times.

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