Sunday, January 08, 2012

Some pictures

I have been getting to know my DSLR little by little after owning it for 5 years. I bought it with the intention of taking awesome memorable pictures of the kids (well, only Mehul at the time). Since it performs well even with the kit lens and on auto, I never bothered to learn it. Now I've decided the time has come so I've taken it off auto. Some of the cute shots from earlier last year.

One of my favorites. I've got it on the picture wall in the hallway.

Aanya is about 11 months old here.

Another favorite

A good friend said it's better than his school portrait :)


Fiona said...

Wow, Shalini, he is beautiful!

Fiona said...

And Aanya is a dear - love the photo with her tongue out (sorry, I commented on Mehul because I was scrolling upwards then realised all the pics were together on the same post).

Shalini said...

Thanks Fiona!!

Erin said...

I haven't even seen his school portraits, and I can most assuredly say that photo is better. The photo of her with her tongue out is beyond adorable!

Taneya said...

Beautiful pictures of the kids! I've not read your blog in awhile so I must catch up in my reading. :-)