Sunday, July 07, 2013

New dresses

I made a few dresses and a hat for Aanya! She wore it on the 4th. 

Summertime dress (3T) pattern by Birdifulstitches on etsy.

Took loads of pics of her

Good Deeds dress (3T) - It's not showing the true colors. The almost black trim is eggplant IRL, the hats of gnomes are eggplant as well. I used the gnome tag someone had sent me!!

Oliver + S Free Bucket hat (Medium) She likes to play with the hat but doesn't want to wear it. 

Inside - it's reversible but I think we'll just use the main side. 

Maxi dress from a tutorial - Modeling pic! I've already shown it in the previous post.

One last pic - 

I've made DS a pair of shorts and a Kindle cover for my dad but don't have pics of those yet. Hopefully they'll make it into the next round of pics!


Stitcher S. said...

Beautiful dress, and your daughter is so big now. I remember reading your blog or posts on the stitching board--and I believe then your son was an infant! Time flies. :) Thanks for the inspiration.

Shalini said...

Thanks, Sue!! I haven't been blogging very much. Good to see you around. Yep - the little girl is 3 now. No idea where the time has gone!!