Monday, July 09, 2012

Boy Jeans to Girly Shorts

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Every 6 months or so I get into boxes and bags of Mehul's old clothes and find some treasures for Aanya to wear. These jeans were the result of one of those hunts and I kept it in the sewing room for the longest time. Everytime I would start a new project I'd look at these and a bunch of Aanya's RTW (ready to wear) skirts, shorts that had been piled up there, waiting for waist to be taken in. My kids never fit the waists of RTW garments. Thank goodness for buttonhole elastic waists!

This pair of old jeans didn't have an adjustable waist but it did have nice wide legs. Have you noticed how boys jeans are cut so much differently from girl jeans? I was hoping to use them as is for Aanya but they looked way uncool on her so chopping was in order.

I cut the legs on an angle.

I had some bias tape leftover from a quilted project that I thought would work really well with this. I just encased the raw edge into the bias tape and sewed. Added some ribbon bows to the back pockets and took the waist in a bit.
Add in a recycle tag and we're done. Viola!

 The best shot I could get of the little monkey wearing the shorts


Christine said...

Great idea! They're really cute.

Grit said...

LG Grit