Sunday, April 22, 2012

5K = Done

Today I ran my second 5K ever! Last time I ran was in 2007. I beat my own time by about a minute! My time was 38:23. It feels great to be able to run and actually like it. I'm not sure why but this time I'm liking running rather than hating it the entire time. I guess it is the reason I'm now able to run all the way rather than looking forward to taking walk breaks. Either way, it feels great. Now I have to decide when to do the 10K. I've never ran 10km outside and only once on the treadmill and that was years ago. The only consideration is I've got to have enough time to train for it and the race has to be early morning so that sun isn't right on top of my head.

I've been working out pretty consistently for the last many months. I started out with Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. It is an excellent program for beginner. It's only 25 minutes a day and that is all I had time for in the beginning. I finished that program in about 45 days and then picked up a Beach Body program called the Brazil Butt Lift. I did not feel I got the most out of this program. It is specifically for shaping the booty and core but I do have quite a bit of fat on top. It wasn't as cardio oriented as I need at the moment. So I started running for cardio and still doing 30 Day Shred for circuit training. I have been running for the last month. There are tons of lunges, squats, plank combos in the 30DS and I think it helped strengthen my legs to the point where beginning running was easier than last time around. I have visible muscles in my legs as there is barely any fat in my calves LOL! It is all concentrated around my mid-section. Now with the 5K under my belt I'm feeling like I can keep up the running and add another program for circuit training. I'm really interested in trying Insanity - another Beach Body product by Shawn T. It has great reviews and it mostly cardio oriented though you work with your own body weight. Tons of planks, jumps, lunges etc. from what I can tell. Another one I'm interested in is P90X. This is more strength training oriented. I really feel like I need to get rid of the fat and cardio is the way to go. Decisions decisions.

Apart from the above, I'm being kept busy by quilting! I once said I'd never do quilts. Well, never say never ;) I am enjoying the process so much..who would've thought? I started getting interested in quilting sometime last year when I saw some baby quilts and thought it would be fun to make one for Aanya. Then Craftsy started Block of the month project and I decided to join. The teacher is Amy Gibson and I really like the way she explains everything. As a newbie I needed the hand-holding i.e. the videos. It is so helpful to actually see what you need to be doing! That quilt is a sampler of different techniques and going to be finished in December because they're releasing 2 blocks a month and will keep going until the end of yr. I'm too impatient for that (surprised?) so I started a new quilt. This one's for Mehul and I can go at my own pace. It is a pinwheels quilt. I really love the look of pinwheel blocks and they're such a boy friendly pattern. I will show pics soon.

Well, that and the usual grind of working, 2 kids + their activities are keeping me quite busy. Hope to get back to posting more regularly from now on.

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