Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Thanks, all. For sure, DH and DS are missing me. DS is sick and it was heart breaking to hear his voice on the phone. I will be sooo glad to be back home. I am even looking forward to the flight - normally I hate it. LOL The only life-saver has been VOIP phone which we've used like anything too keep in touch. Without it I would have been depressed.

Raychill - I remember that! We must be stitching-sisters :)

This morning I sent my final laundry for the week and it suddenly hit me. This is the beginning of my trip back. Co-workers are taking me to dinner today so I will pack tomorrow night. Checkout of the hotel friday morning, catch the flight to Delhi in the evening after work. This weekend I'll be in Delhi and time just FLIES when I'm there. Sunday night is my flight back home!!!

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