Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Feeling good today..

Thanks for the wishes. I am feeling much better and even had some lunch today (noodles). Throat is hurting much less and I haven't had to take Advil today. I stayed home today because I hadn't been on antibiotics for 24 hrs as of this morning. I'm looking forward to work though as I'm sick of staying home. Ugh.

I got to watch the Inauguration of President Obama today. Wow, what a speech. Absolutely blown away. And the crowds, my goodness. All the way from Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial. That is a lot of people! I'm watching the parade right now and every time the reports say 'President' I expect to see Bush! It's weirder for me because ever since I've been in America, I've only seen Bush as President. It's awesome! This is the first transition of power I'm seeing. All these festivities don't get coverage in India for sure.

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