Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Thanks to Erin, Christine & Sue. Sue, I don't have your email address so I couldn't email you back personally, but thank you. I have been thinking a lot and have come to the conclusion of limiting my exposure to these two. I was already doing that but now that I've talked to DH and written this here and talked to you, it is kind of final. I still go out in the neighborhood but far less now because it's getting colder and well, we're busy! Vacation is coming up and we've been shopping after work most nights. I think I need to treat them like just neighbors, rather than friends. And that's fine.

Thinking back I have realized that I have *never* been talked to like this, and treated like this. Never. Not even in high school. Guess I chose my friends carefully back then! I have always believed that deep down, people are nice. Regardless of the drama with these two, I will continue to believe that. And yes, I'll continue looking for friends :) though I'll be a bit more selective now.


Suzanne said...

You said it, treat them as neighbors, not as friends. Hopefully one day soon someone will move in that you can truly be good friends with. You don't need toxic people in your life!! (HUGS) Suz/VA

Stitcher S said...

Glad my comment helped a bit. I can so relate to your feelings, Shalini.

I thought of one more thing. About 20 years ago I so recall similar things happening with my then neighbors. My husband pointed out that in the end family was what really counted, and that these people weren't around for the long haul so don't let them get the best of me.

Of course he was right, but on the other hand I think as women we crave close friendships with each other. I just think it's hard to find it right next door. (most of the time)