Monday, August 25, 2008

On my own for a week

DH is away on training for an entire week. This is the first time he's gone away EVER! I am handling it ok so far. Mehul is missing him greatly and keeps hoping daddy will show up at home or come down the stairs or his car will be in the garage...which it is because he didn't take it. I keep explaining to him that he'll be back in 6 days. We did goodbyes at the airport when we dropped him off but he's not understanding it. Sigh. It's only been a day.
I think I should stick a chart at the refrigerator with days he can cross off.

I made another skirt yesterday but I ran out of elastic so couldn't finish it. It's made of stretchy Jersey Knit fabric and looks awesome. And then I prepared the pattern for a flared-bottom PJ pant. I should have finished them up today as I got the elastic but had to go for a HOA meeting. There is a fall party being planned at the neighborhood and it will be held of DS's birthday and it's a big one. Complete with a moonbounce, face painting, DJ, some cartoon character or another and whole lot of things. I think this time we'll skip planning a special party for his birthday and just celebrate amongst ourselves at home. We won't be up for doing anything else that day!

I gotta put him to bed and prepare for tomorrow. I'll show pictures of the skirts (so far, 3) and the PJ bottom that's ready to be put together soon.


Erin said...

We count down the number of "sleeps," meaning the number of times we have to sleep between now and whatever the significant event is (like G coming home). Sticker charts work great, too! It is just so hard for them to understand time, but they really do understand counting. {{{hugs}}}

Jo said...

wow, it sounds like you are really coming to grips with your sewing machine - can't wait to see pics.

I hope Mehul is feeling better about his daddy being away. The chart sounds like a great idea.

Shalini said...

Thank you, guys. I have the chart at the fridge with the number of nights - 6 - and we crossed off another one this morning. YAY! Only 3 more to go.
DH calls twice every day. He's missing us greatly as well. Also with the 3 hour time difference (he's in Seattle), he still wakes up on Eastern time so that must be making him miserable as well.

Jo said...

Being apart always sucks - my partner works away from home, and we only see each other at weekends. Nightmare. At least we don't have children...

I've really enjoyed reading your blog over the last few months, since I found it via the Peacock stitch along blog - pop by my blog to recieve an award :)