Monday, April 21, 2008

Back at work

After an almost weeklong vacation (minus monday), I'm now back at work. The weather could not have been more gorgeous last week. It was in 70s although one day it did hit 80s. I did a lot of yardwork. Laid down the sod by the steps we've recently had someone build, planted the shrubs, and tidied up the yard. I've planted roses, pink hydrangeas, Clemantis, Jasmine, Butterfly bush, and atleast 2 more shrubs I'm forgetting. I've put a lot of bulbs as well - Gladiolus, gayfeather, and Dahlias. We'll see if all the hard work was worth it in a few months. I need more hydrangeas for the front yard. And I am looking for a nice tree for the front as well.
It's been raining since yesterday. It's good for the sod and the grass seed.

Stitching - I've completed parts 1 and 2 of the Papillion Creations mystery - How does your garden grow. I forgot to give the design info. in the previous post. It's available if you sign up for their newsletter. I am almost done with the part 3 now and received the 4th installment yesterday. There will be a total of 13. I'm really happy with all the flower colors I chose, though the light green could be a little lighter. Oh well. I haven't decided if I'm going to add the beads as recommended, and if so, what color.

I took some pictures on saturday but they're stuck in the camera. I wish I was home today too. It's hard to come back to work-mode after a vacation.

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