Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Planning a party

For the little one. He's turning 3 in less than 10 days! Actually, there will be a smaller party at the daycare on the day of, and a bigger party at home where close friends and neighbors are invited the following weekend.

I made the invitation card for the party last night. That's pretty much the progress as of now. Oh, and we got the bouncy for the kids from a friend. *Now* I'm getting excited about the party. So far, DH and I were planning on making this birthday a quiet one with just the daycare kids to celebrate at a location other than his daycare (something like Yucky Cheese), but then thought that since my parents are here we should do something. It won't be a big celebration like his first birthday (in India), but fun nonetheless. We don't even know that many people here LOL!

Now I need to come up with 2 sets of return gifts, order Cake for the party, cupcakes for the daycare, food and drinks for party at home, tables & chairs to put in the yard, and a million things I'm forgetting! Oh, and the dresses for M (and me)! I feel a panic attack is coming. Yeah, now it feels like a party.


Erin said...

"Yucky Cheese" LOL Too funny! Hope you have a grand time.

Sene said...

Enjoy the party planning!! For me, it has just finished. Now it's your turn.
Can't believe M is going to be 3. MAny haapy wishes to him in advance!!