Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm alive

Just have had the week from hell. Everything's fine but I'm just tired and cranky. Not sure I want to bore everyone with details but it is work related again.

Few LOs of the Toronto pics I had done earlier..

Top of the World

Papers from Meredith Fenwick
Various Elements from Michelle Coleman, Lori Wile, Lie Fhung, Lori Barnhurst

Rainforest Cafe

Everything from Lie Fhung


Evening at Niagara

Everything from Lie Fhung

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Sene (not signed in) said...

Wow! Ur blog looks real good, all pink pink!!
The pics are excellent.... (By the way, have you gained weight, or is it just my feeling).
How is Mehul?? He must be all grown up now...
Belated B'Day to Jiju!!