Monday, July 09, 2007

Trying hard

I don't want to be at work. Having a hard time coming out of vacation mode. Anyone have any tips? I need a nice tall cup of Tim Horton's French Vanilla rightnow. Alas, there aren't any in the US. I do have a box of it at home that I got on this trip, but I need it NOW. Ah well..

Oh, and the BIG news. Actually, I have two. Both are equally good. Only a mother can equate a NEW car and a Potty Trained Toddler. LOL! Yes, I have a brand new Honda Civic! And Mehul is ALMOST POTTY TRAINED!! He has been staying dry for a few weeks in the morning and mostly throughout the day. He is almost there! Soon we will say goodbye to diapers!

My new toy - Honda Civic 2007 LX - Royal Blue Pearl.

We had a busy weekend. Saturday was our regularly scheduled Potluck dinner (5 families). It was my turn to host this time. I'm good at snacks and main course dishes. I'm not good at desserts hence the request for recipes a couple of weeks ago (Thanks, Suz). I made something similar to the recipe she posted - premade Dessert cups (made of cake) with whipped topping, strawberries, and strawberry Jello. Everyone liked it. The kids LOVED Jello. I should have made some extra. Even the resident non-eater loved it.


Suzanne said...

Today was my day to go back to reality (work) after being off last week. It bites! BIGTIME! LOL

Congrats on the car! TOO COOL and a potty trained little boy! YEAH!!!

Glad the dessert worked out!! I bet that WAS good! Suz

Erin said...

I swear, I have to be the only person on the planet who abslutely *hates* Jello! LOL And sweet car! I'm so jealous. It is going to be a few more years before we get a new one (assuming nothing terrible happens to the two we have, please please!). And yay M! So amazing he is that close already. We're not anywhere near there yet.