Thursday, March 08, 2007

More sickness..

Can we please just fast forward to April? I'm tired of being sick and taking care of sick ones. Thankfully, the 2 guys are now on a mend, but I'm still not. In fact, I had to go home early yesterday because the sinus pain was unbearable. And I didn't have any medicine at hand. The right side of my head, sinus cavity and teeth was hurting. Today it's a little better. DH gave me night-time sinus medicine around 4, and I slept until 8. He woke me up for dinner and I watched American Idol. These night time medicines make me loopy. I don't like them.

Anyhow, I have to say Fiona's comment made me laugh. I'm telling you, the day this boy turns 17 (or heck 16), I'm going to keep a stick handy. To ward off all the girls. LOL! When he was younger and had a lot of hair, people used to think he was a girl. I was tired of correcting everyone. But one day I realized it's better than the other way round. My friend M has a GIRL whom people confuse for a boy. That's got to suck more! LOL!

There was no stitching over last weekend. I'm still wanting to pick up the Angel of Love. Hopefully, I'll feel better enough to stitch soon.

Meanwhile, layout time! This is my third LO for Ztampf CT.

It was my first day long fast of 'Teej' after my wedding. No food until moon-rise, only water is allowed. Wouldn't you know, the moon didn't make it's appearance until 11PM that night..

See how the Lace matches my Sari Border! LOL!
Ztampf Evening Falls kit. This kit is perfect for so many pictures, it's amazing!

Font: Vladimir Script


FionaB said...

That is just beautiful! I wish I looked as good as that when I'm hungry!!!

(Sorry - I don't mean to spoil the atmosphere. It really is a stunning layout and you look gorgeous.)

Shalini said...

Thanks! But I didn't like this photo for years (taken in 2002). Now I like it for some reason. I was starving but since I was dressed up, I made DH take my pictures. Was big into my own pictures back then! LOL!

Sene said...

Don't know why you didn't like the photo. I certainly do. You look absolutely beautiful! And the LO is as good too..

Karin said...

You're gorgeous in the photo - and it's a great memory to have.