Monday, June 26, 2006

Stitching again

I haven't really stitched much in the last couple of months since I've been on extended-vacation ha! It's weird that when I had loads of time at home, I didn't feel like stitching, and now that I'm working again, I've started stitching. What's the correlation there?

I had stitched a gift for a friend in April (which they LOVED), but since then I haven't touched stitching. Yesterday, we had planned to go on a picnic with friends but it rained. We had already finished all our regular weekend tasks in anticipation of the picnic, so I found myself some free time! So, I stitched. I was going through my projects and found TW's Harvest Sampler, which I didn't even remember starting. Mommy brain :-) I put in a few lazy daizys and some eyelets. The sampler is full of them but they look so pretty. I haven't taken a picture of it but here is what it will look like when it's completed - TW Harvest Sampler


SmileyCarrie said...

That's a beautiful sampler.. i can't wait to see your finished piece!
My Mom loves TW .. has done many of her patterns. She's an amazing designer!

Shalini said...

TW is indeed great designer. I have so many of her patterns I'd need 2 lifetimes to stitch them all.

I see you're also a Rachel Ray fan. I LOVE her! Used to watch 30 minute meals all the time when I was home.

Buddhini said...

Dear Shalini...............

I went through your blog and learnt a lot about you. I am exited to here that you too love cross stitching. I am mad about cross stitching... I used to stitch a lot. But since I have discovered digital scrapbooking it seems I have not given enough time for stitching. As a working mother I hope you can understand the daily straggle we all have with the time.

I just would like to know, are you Indian ? (India is like a second home for me as I studied there.) Shalini is an Indian name.. that's why I guess you are Indian... Am I right? Sorry if you are not..... I just guess :)

By the way thanks a lot for adding my blog-link to your side bar. I too added yours.
Take care,