52 things in 52 weeks - 2012 FINISHED

I usually stitch over the weekend and this will be a good list to see how much I did at the end of the year. One item counts as one finish but for really simple items (cloth napkins, for instance) 4 items will count as one. I will start by listing out the things that are on my mind and I want to accomplish and will keep editing this list and picking from this list as the mood hits. I'll come up with the tutorial and inspiration links later. I've got stuff in my bookmarks on various laptops, and also on pinterest.

Here's my pinterest

My ever growing todo list --

Total Items:    52
Completed:    52
In Progress:    0
Remaining:    0

Item                                          Status          Date completion
  1.     Quilted table runner                                 Completed    6/18/2012
  2.     Craftsy BOTM quilt top piecing and sashing   Completed  12/1/2012  
  3.     Craftsy BOTM quilt quilting                      Completed       12/24/2012
  4.     Charms lapsize quilt top                            Completed   
  5.     Mannequin pincushion                               Completed    7/21/2012
  6.     Knitting needlecase / pattern organizer combo     Completed   
  7.     Sewing machine table organizer                  Completed   
  8.     Headband holder                                       Completed    8/5/2012
  9.     Baby quilt for gift                                       Completed    5/28/2012
  10.     Mehuls Pinwheel quilt top piecing and sashing   Completed 12/21/2012
  11.     Lego table                                                  Completed    6/24/2012
  12.     Boy cable knitted hat                                  Completed    7/9/2012
  13.     Boy PJ bottoms                                          Completed    7/1/2012
  14.     Mehuls Seersucker summer shorts               Completed    7/28/2012
  15.     3 Boy underwear                                        Completed    10/1/2012
  16.     Mehul flannel PJ bottom                              Completed    12/9/2012 
  17.     Mehul Transformer PJ Bottoms                   Completed    12/16/2012
  18.     6 Regular cloth pads                                   Completed    5/28/2012, 9/8/2012
  19.     2 Heavy cloth pads                                     Completed    5/28/2012
  20.     2 Pantyliners                                               Completed    9/8/2012
  21.     Aline Skirt Adults (New look 6843)            Completed    1/21/2012
  22.     Knit top Adults                                           Completed    6/24/2012
  23.     Knit top Adults #2                                      Completed    9/2/2012       
  24.     Retro apron                                                Completed    6/11/2012
  25.      Little grey dress                                         Completed    1/7/2012
  26.     Summertime Dress                                     Completed    5/21/2012
  27.     Girl PJs- Comfy sleep set                           Completed   
  28.     Girl PJs- Comfy sleep set                           Completed   
  29.     2 Beachcomber dresses                             Completed    6/18/2012
  30.     Good Deeds dress                                     Completed    5/1/2012
  31.     Kids Jeans upcycling                                  Completed    6/24/2012
  32.     Knit Shorts                                                Completed    7/8/2012
  33.     4th of July Dress                                         Completed    7/1/2012
  34.     Green Halter dress                                      Completed    5/1/2012
  35.     Green Spring coat, matching frock               Completed   
  36.     Onesie conversion to dress                         Completed    7/21/2012
  37.     Seersucker dress                                        Completed    7/28/2012
  38.     Knitting: Ridinghood sweater                      Completed   10/30/2012
  39.     Knitting: Shortrow scarf tester                    Completed    8/17/2012
  40.     Knitting: Grey spring dress                         Completed   10/7/2012
  41.     Aanyas courdroy coat                               Completed    9/29/2012
  42.     2 Ruffle Skirts                                          Completed    9/15/2012
  43.     Ruffle Leggings                                        Completed    9/15/2012
  44.     Aanyas Fleece coat                                 Completed   10/12/2012
  45.     Aanyas Peplum top                                 Completed 10/1/2012   
  46.     Aanyas Velour party dress                       Completed    9/22/2012
  47.     Redondo skirt                                          Completed    9/22/2012        
  48.     Aanya's Holiday Party Dress                    Completed 10/20/2012
  49.      Halloween Mermaid                               Completed 10/21/2012 
  50.     Cloth doll                                               Completed 11/27/2012 
  51.     Aanya nightgown                                    Completed 11/27/2012
  52.     Aanya PJ set                                          Completed 12/21/2012
  54.     Mehuls Pinwheel quilt quilting and binding        
Feliz for Aanya       
Aanyas Patchwork Twirly Dress       
Aanyas dress from my sweater        

Chiffon blouse (Simplicity 2601, Simplicity 2599)        
Amy Butler Blossoms handbag         
Aanya trainers        

Sweater + fabric toddler dress       
Mehuls Fleece mittens/hat pair 
2 White long sleeve T-shirts        
Adults Fleece coat (Simplicity 2313)
Ponte knit dress Adults (Vogue 8664 view A)    In Progress    8/4/2012
8 Overnight cloth pads    In Progress    
2 Pot holders    In Progress     
Tabletop ironing board for craft room    
Mehuls Fleece Hoodies with zipper 
Mehuls Fleece or flannel PJ bottoms     

Week 1- (01/01/2012) For this week I'm planning on making #51 Little grey dress. It looks very cute and easy to accomplish in a couple hours. I need to build more items for Aanya's winter wardrobe and this would fit in very nicely. As far as color, I have hot pink, red, grey, and spring green in my stash already.  I'm trying to sew from my stash so not going to go shopping for anything. I might just use the grey as Aanya does not have anything grey. The pattern is size 4T-5T so I will need to size it down to about a 2T. I'm planning to compare it against a 2T coat pattern I've made before. Hope it goes well!

October 1st update: I have been updating the list in google docs spreadsheet. At this point, I'm at 38 items completed out of 52. Feeling really good I will most likely be able to get to 52. Gearing up to fall/winter sewing.

Jan 1, 2013: Completed the list for 2012!!!! Way happy with keeping track of the items this way. New spreadsheet started for 2013. Goal for this year is to photograph and blog items after completing them.

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